G3 Logic Media Design

Far too often there is a divide between creativity, and the technology used to transport that creativity to the masses. This is the case especially with web design, and the underlying programming languages, protocols and “mumbo jumbo” that takes the designer’s vision to the web browser and beyond. Simply put, designers and developers just don’t speak the same language. Well… typically.

My name is Guy Scott and before I started my company G3 Logic Media Design, I worked extensively in music and audio production and basically made my living in the performing arts. So do I understand an artist’s passion and sensibilities? Absolutely. Do I understand how true and precise a web application needs to be to the designer’s vision? Of course! I take care of all of the technical stuff, which allows graphic designers to focus on their real passion… designing. Further, I am able to speak the same language as the designer who poured their heart and soul into their design.